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Summer Sailing 2019

updated 29th May

Sorry for not updating the website recently with summer sailing plans. The reason for this is that I am leaving my school tomorrow after 25 years. I am looking to move to a school closer to home. Now, if I was in the private sector, I would look around and, after doing an interview, give notice to my current school and take up a permanent position elsewhere. In teaching in Ireland it doesn't work like that. After doing research, I found the best thing to do was to apply for a career break and, after finding a job, resign from my current school. Interviews for next school year happen in June, during the State Exams and in August in the last two weeks before returning to school. I have just done my first one and have 4 more applications awaiting.It is bizarre to be doing teaching job interviews after so long. The last time I did one was in Bilbao in 2003 !!!

As a result of all that, I have not made any solid plans for this summer. Until I have a job, I am mainly hanging around, getting jobs done at home and open to take people out on day trips. My only two commitments are a week at the end of June I am joining the tall ship Pelican as a mentor for a group of 24 sail trainees, 15-17 year olds for a variety of backgrounds, including at least 10% from social disadvantage. It it my first time working with them and I am looking forward to seeing how I will fit in. My other commitment is at the end of July, Anne and I are joining Tom, Louise and Joel for a week on a chartered yacht in Croatia. I hope to fit in a visit to Strangford at some stage and maybe visit my Dad's mate Derrick in London.

So if you fancy a trip locally for a day or a few days, let me know. I would love to get out. Until then, fair winds.