Now you're Suckin' Diesel !

Travel logs of Suckin' Diesel over recent years

Summer 2003: photos of the trip around Ireland as well as the Firth of Clyde

Summer 2004: the trip south to Spain via the Scillies, UK, and France

Summer 2005: the North Coast of Spain

Summer 2006: back from Spain to Dublin

Summer 2007: the Scottish Islands

Summer 2008: Round Ireland again

Summer 2009: Brittany and South West England

Summer 2010: Ireland, Spain, Scotland, etc

Summer 2011: France, the Scillies and West Cork

Summer 2012: The Outer Hebridies and the Irish Sea

Summer 2013 messing around the Irish Sea

Summer 2014

Summer 2015

Summer 2016: the Bilbao trip

Summer 2017: messing in the Irish Sea

Summer 2018

Summer 2019

Summer 2023