Humbertos Torrijas      

Milk - 1L
Bread - 1/2 baguette 1-2 days old
Sugar - 4 big spoon
Eggs - 1/2
Olive oil to fry in a fry pan.

(1)Mixing in a plate/platter milk with the sugar (4 big spoon) and some cinnamon
(2)Beating the egg in a plate/bowl
(3)Mixing a lot of sugar and some cinnamon (just for a little colour) in a plate Cut the bread in slices of 1.5cm approx

Put each slice of bread in the milk firstly, dip in batter in the beaten egg secondly.
Fry in the pan.
When cooked (golden colour), dip in batter in the third plate with sugar and cinnamon.
Let in a platter with a little milk with sugar/cinnamon for not to dry. At the end, pour the leftover of the first plate with milk/sugar/cinnamon. The torrijas mustn't be dry and because the milk must be in the fridge. Consume best before 2/3 days.